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Contracting with a land conservation professional to manage a land conservation project can reduce the burden on professional staff. Janet’s experience as Executive Director and Director of Land Protection at North County Land Trust gives her a unique perspective on the needs of land trusts. We understand that land trusts are involved with much more than land conservation.

  • Land trusts are competing with other non-profits for a limited pool of revenues in the north central Massachusetts region;
  • Fundraising, community outreach, Board and staff management and financial matters require much of the time and resources of regional land trusts;
  • Local land trusts must allocate scarce financial and volunteer resources to steward conservation land and monitor conservation restrictions.

A lawyer and land conservation professional, Janet has managed successful land conservation projects for more than 15 years and helped to conserve more than 3,000 acres of land in the region. As a former land trust executive, Janet understands that a successful land conservation project must meet the strategic goals of the land trust, both for land conservation and for community relations, fundraising and other objectives. Janet’s experience and professional skills provide assurance that your land conservation project will adhere to the highest professional standards, including the Standards and Practices of the Land Trust Alliance.

Land Trusts Conservation ProjectsWe are skilled in assessing all factors involved in a conservation project, and in working with the landowner, the community and the land trust to achieve a successful outcome.

  1. An interested landowner;
  2. Available grant funding;
  3. The ability to raise funds for the project, as necessary;
  4. The support of municipal boards and commissions;
  5. Community support and the willingness to spend limited municipal funds.
  • We are also experienced working In partnership with land trusts, state agencies, municipal boards and staff, in landscape-scale projects.
  • Whether working on a single tract or in a partnership, we can find the best way to get a project done, while insuring that the landowner, community and land trust share in the benefits of a successful project.
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Land Trusts FundingWe are experienced in writing successful project applications to state and federal grant programs, as well as private and community foundations.

  • Project funding begins with good grant research and writing a strong grant application;
  • A strong conservation project that can attract the necessary funding;
  • Crafting a successful conservation strategy and finding the right land to conserve are the basis for a competitive grant application.
We work closely with municipal boards and commissions to assess the community’s capacity and willingness to contribute to project funding.
  • She will prepare a project budget that can win community support.
  • We know how to obtain necessary municipal approvals;
  • We are experienced in presenting project proposals to municipal boards, commissions and Town Meeting
A list of our successful grant applications can be found here

Land Trusts ProfessionalAs a lawyer and land conservation professional,

  • Janet can provide complete land conservation services, from initial project assessment to project management and closing.
  • Janet’s unique skill set and legal background provide assurance that your land conservation project will be completed with the highest professional standards, including the Standards and Practices of the Land Trust Alliance.
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